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If your new computer has suddenly become noticeably slow or you have an older computer and for some odd reason seems slower than before, it is because of maintenance not recently done.

Please follow the links below to trouble-shoot your PC. Or you are most likely a victim of "Spyware", kind of a virus but made to run code on Personal Computers which spys on you and presents you ads that are simply wasting your time.


Programs - These programs will help clean your computer of Spyware, which causes old and new computers to become very slow, unstable and/or unconsistent. Go to the referenced sites below and follow their directions on downloading, installing, and using the programs. And if you need futher help, you can always call us.

  1. SpybotAd-aware
  2. HiJackThis

Anti-Virus Solutions

  1. AVG Virus Solution

Maintenance - Like a car a PC needs maintenance. When do you need to run maintenance depends on how much you use your computer, just like a car.

  • Clean Disk
  • Defrag
  • Scandisk

IE - Internet Explorer is the program used to surf/browse the web. You should set some settings to configure it so by default it blocks out most bugs that cripple your PC, usually re-setting to default settings help a lot but sometimes you need a little more tweaking depending on your computing habits.

Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office - Go online to microsoft web site and use update for Windows
Add/Remove Programs - delete any programs that you cannot verify a valid company too and be live that you did not install this.
Updates - always keep your computer updated to the latest patches from Microsoft on Windows and Office