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  • Computer Repair/Support
  • Spy-ware, Virus and Security Solutions
  • Picking the right Equipment for your needs or requirements
  • Digital Camera Pictures to Web-site and any Technology to help you
  • .........and much more, because we do everything related to this field, it is our expertise since the inception of Microsoft Windows™ 3.1 (1995)

Setting up new systems and connecting all devices (printer, all-one-machines, Digital cameras, wireless products, etc.). High-Speed Internet is readily available nowadays so our staff is well-trained in these technologies including Cable, DSL, and T1. With our affiliation with certain broadband providers might be able to get you a "New Customers Only" promo thru us.

Our advanced Networking services provide our clients time and money saving solutions that are easily upgradeable and compatible to future technologies. We specialize in setting up networks for computers, Internet connections, folder sharing, printing, document collaboration, and centralization.

Websites have become a common place in our business environment. If you are selling products then a website can open doors for you in places where it would have been too costly and difficult to sell in past.

If your in the services business then a website can help promote, inform and advertise your services to new clients that can get info on your company thru your website.

Protecting your company data is vital to running your business smoothly. We offer a variety of maintenance, Anti-Virus, back-ups and data integrity services. These solutions provide our customers worry-free business operation. Whether your data is threatened by hackers, disgruntled employees or strangers, intentional or accidental, we keep you protected.